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Archiprix 2020

(Archive) Permeable Borders

Addressing multidimensional conflicts between polarized communities in Rio de Janeiro

This project was part of DDW 2020
Cover - Strategic design - case Curicica — © Felipe Chaves Gonzalez (author)

Situated in Rio de Janeiro, the project addresses the market-oriented development and elitist policies that forged a fragmented territory of polarized communities. It advocates for an alternative development process that can promote the integration and empowerment of vulnerable groups in the city.

The city is fragmented by multidimensional borders – ideological, spatial, economic, ecological and institutional – that increase the exposure of vulnerable groups to risks and uncertainties.

What if these communities could participate and be integrate

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Strategic plan - Planning Area 4 — © Felipe Chaves Gonzalez (author)

Actions — © Felipe Chaves Gonzalez (author)

Alternative scenario - case Praça Seca — © Felipe Chaves Gonzalez (author)

Alternative scenario - case Gardênia Azul

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Archiprix 2020

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