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Future thinkers 2020
Preservation - Resurrecting - Purpose

Tangible Loss

3D viewing room
Tangible Loss
Ginsberg, A. D. (2019). Resurrecting the Sublime
This project is part of Future thinkers 2020

The drastic consequences of our actions as a society such as climate change are causing more and more life to disappear. Being overflown with our own collection of pictures, information and data of our lost loved ones makes it easy to hold on to what is dear to us. How can we take back what is gone?

Resurrecting The Sublime
An immersive installation that allows you to smell extinct flora. By extracting DNA, researchers were able to synthesize the smell of the long-lost tree and its flowers.

Spirit Molecule II
A part of a series of experiments that imagine a future mourning. This project is about plants that grow from the DNA of a deceased person. This way the plant can represent the person that has died and make them “come back to life” (Hagborg, H.D., 2019).

A multi-media installation using VR to investigate the connections between extinction, preservation and immortality. Using innovative research, the designer recreated the habitat, sound, and looks of an extinct bird, comprehending the drastic consequences of climate change.