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Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations
eMonsters - Emotion Monsters - transmute the sometimes difficult feelings into cuddly, expressive, and supportive companions.


eMonster 01
This project is part of Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations

eMonsters - Emotional Monsters - is a protocol that has been created to somatically discover where the emotions live in the body and what their role is as an ally. This project engages a whimsical format to express difficult feelings and find the beauty and purpose in being vulnerable.

Monsters are abstract human emotion constructs. Universally, children intuitively draw monsters as they learn to define who they are and how they fit in the world. The eMonsters offer a way to express how they are feeling in non-linear forms, rooted in imagination. In modern day, monsters are the topics of children’s books to teach how to express emotions. In Lisbon, art workshops focused on monsters have been used in mental health care as an alternative to hospital visits. "People don't know how great it is to have a space where there is freedom to create, to get rid of the 'little monsters' inside of us.” Anabela Soares - mental health client. Currently, in healthcare, we find chatbots and robot agents result in patients being more honest with symptoms they may not tell their doctor.

As of 2018, 1 in 6 people struggle with Mental Health in the EU and the number has increased with the pandemic of 2020. Perhaps the eMonster phenomenon will help befriend intense emotions we are faced with and acknowledge how they help form who we are today - heroes.

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Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations