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Kazerne Design Award 2020

Tea Drop

3D viewing room
Tea Drop
Angeline Swinkels
This project is part of Kazerne Design Award 2020

Tea Drop was conceptualised as a result of an intensive drought experienced by the city of Cape Town in South Africa a few years ago. It seeks to raise awareness about the hidden amounts of water we consume daily.

Tea Drop is a tea machine which condenses water vapour from the surrounding humid atmosphere. In contrast to our ‘available-on-demand’ lifestyle, it functions on its own time frame, so one has to wait for the tea vessel to be filled with water, before it can be boiled to make tea. Learning that it takes 30 litres of virtual water to produce one single cup of tea, led Shaakira to do field research on tea farms in Asia. There she discovered that water is a by-product of processing tea and harvested tea leaves are dependent on the weather and subject to time. On a symbolic level, Tea Drop aims to recapture this precious resource, whilst giving power back to the environment.