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Symbiocene Forest
Crafting new materials by working with nature using the kitchen as a research lab


3D viewing room
This project is part of Symbiocene Forest

Isn’t the egg a fascinating piece of architecture?
A hard protective shell with life inside, built by the chicken within its own body. Similar to the egg, Shaakira views buildings as ‘shells’ which offer us protection and this inspires her to use eggshell waste to innovate a circular building block

ShellDwell is an ongoing research project experimenting with eggshell waste to innovate a circular building block. As we find ourselves in the midst of a second wave of the pandemic, once again the domestic domain becomes a multifunctional space. Shaakira opted to use her own kitchen as a laboratory where she cooks up experiments with eggshell waste in combination with other ingredients and waste streams that she finds around her. The space, tools and ingredients have been transforming daily to help her research along.

Scientifically, eggshell is composed primarily of CaCO3 (calcium carbonate). This compound can also be found in limestone which has been used as a building material as early back as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Limestone is also used in modern day cement production.

After the first material samples were made, Shaakira began a deeper research on calcium carbonate and its properties. She plans to continue the research and experimentation, while at the same time allows her kitchen to keep morphing as a space for researching and crafting a future material.