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Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations
The making of a new and very much needed superhero.


This project is part of Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations

In the run-up to the DDW and during the week itself, Eindhoven based peace activist Hans Matheeuwsen is being prepped for his new role as 'Peaceman'. Can he become a superhero during the DDW? Follow it on this page.

What can one man do to change the course of the world when it comes to war and peace? Then you have to become a superhero!

Hans Matheeuwsen has been running the peace office in Eindhoven for over thirty years, from which he offers independent information and documentation that focuses on the issues of war and peace. From his office he also fights the weapons industry in Eindhoven on a daily basis. It's David versus Goliath.

Artists Teun Castelein and Sasja Strengholt think that Hans should transform himself into a superhero. A marvel fighting for peace. From his headquarters in Eindhoven he should overtake our planet for the best. Hans is Peaceman! But does Hans see this role for him? And how can he fulfill his new superhero role?

During the DDW we will see whether and how Hans transforms into Peaceman.

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Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations