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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
Upcycling as creative methode


Tapestry terracotta
La Gadoue
This project is part of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

A collection of interior textiles made from upcycled men's shirts

“As fast-consumption is being questionned and slowly tries to evolve towards more sustainability, it still leaves behind tons of unwanted textile products. We take up this challenge to put these materials back in
the loop. Upcycling means we do minimal intervention on textile “waste” to make it something more valuable. By partnering with local textile industries, we are looking for solutions to optimize this process and offer new applications for these new textiles. "
For thiscollection we have used hundreds of mens shirts from Belgian sorting centres.
Working with second hand materials is very inspiring, we are always challenged by what we find. We are driven by colours and like to create harmony from an eclectic source of materials. »