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Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations
Art and recycling workshops. Make something of it. Make it art.

De Zangvogel

This project is part of Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations

De Zangvogel is a recycling and art atelier started as a neighborhood-project in the district of Stratum in Eindhoven with the aim to promote sustainable and innovative ways of making art. More information about us, our workshops and products can be found on our website:

Environment and sustainability became more and more the talk of the day. Even in the art world, some have already been busy working with more ecofriendly material or developing more sustainable techniques. However, for how much absurd this might seem, a more sustainable lifestyle or way of making art does not always come cheap in our society; and consequentially this is not always easily accessible to everyone. From here then, the main question that inspired our project : How can we make or develop a form of art with zero waste but also zero costs, or better said, "art 0.0"? In order to research and develop further this concept, in 2019 we settled our atelier under the name De Zangvogel in the district of Stratum, Eindhoven. Here not only we initiated a series of workshops introducing new creative ways of making art through recycling but we started as well a waste collection point, intended as our first art material resource. Behind our project the idea is simple: you deliver waste to us, we or you make something else out of it, you get or give something new back. Very soon this (re)cycle allowed us to produce art with zero waste and zero costs.

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Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations