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Designing a Research Method

Diagramming Fluidity

3D viewing room
Diagramming Fluidity
Floriane Misslin
This project is part of [UN]SOCIAL DESIGN MUSEUM

Diagramming fluidity is a research project by design researcher and visual sociologist Floriane Misslin. The project investigates how producers of fashion photography actualize the fluidity of gender in an industry that is oh so dominated by the gendered binary division between women and men.

Diagramming Fluidity outlines the conditions in which the fluidity of gender is being actualized in the production of fashion photography. Floriane Misslin interviewed several practitioners to discuss, question, and reflect upon the past and present of gender fluidity within the field. What gendered divisions have been made so far within fashion (photography)? Is there any room for non-binary visualizations? What is left unsaid, and what is missing? The outcome of the series of interviews is a selection of manifestos that both textually and visually as well as diagrammatically show the different means of making a gender fluid approach towards fashion more visible within visual culture.

Diagramming Fluidity is exhibited at Onomatopee by means of a riso-printed wall piece that showcases the various design manifestos, and by means of a riso-printed zine publication that shows the full research by Floriane Misslin.