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Furniture made entirely from discarded couches.

Fluid Furniture

This project is part of (Non)Depleted

The human habitat is expanding. People dash to the frontiers - discarding their derelict couches. In the midst of this race, we focus on grounding this process by dealing with the materials left behind.

Fluid furniture is a research into the new horizon of the material world. Taking a couch - a relic from the bygone era of TV binging, we extract the humble components, relieving it of its former state. Preparing for a future where the aftermath of exponential resource consumption has stripped the world of usable virgin material, how will our relationship to the physical world change?In a future with universal scarcity, even the materials we take for granted will hold an important value. It will become a necessity to appreciate the act of regeneration.Consequently, the resulting objects slow down the speed of consumption, lead to the rebirth of craftsmanship and see beauty in the inconsistencies of used materials. Fluid Furniture comprises of Lalalamp and Chchchair which are artifacts of the transitional state between the past and the future.The process was carried out in quarantine as our domestic space became a furniture transformation factory. The restraints of working at home allowed for the creation of custom machines to carry out custom processes. From weaving, melting, rope making and sculpting, we utilised all the ingredients found in curbside couches to form our creations.