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Biodegradable glittering sequins from wood

Bio Iridescent Sequin

3D viewing room
An embroidered sample of Bio Iridescent Sequins
Elissa Brunato
This project is part of (Non)Depleted

The Bio Iridescent Sequin is a lightweight, compostable and iridescent embroidery component, designed as a sustainable alternative to the petroleum-based plastic sequins that are used in the Textile and Fashion Industry. Made from renewable cellulose, they glitter iridescently.

The Bio Iridescent Sequin manifests as a holistic alternative to the hazardous plastic sequin. Made entirely from cellulose, the most abundant plant-based polymer which is present in all plants, the material’s origin and compostable nature form a biological circle. Cellulose is a highly renewable, abundant and carbon-sequestering raw material providing functional, economic and environmental benefits.

Inspired by the way colourful beetle and butterfly wings shimmer iridescently and nevertheless are a part of naturally occurring biological lifecycles, these sequins gives rise to colourful effects by means of their inherent cellulosic structure. Light hitting this structure is reflected into vibrant, glittering colours, a phenomenon also known as ‘structural colouration’. In this way, the Bio Iridescent Sequin is free of petrochemicals, metals or pigments and becomes a non-toxic and colourfast alternative.

This Bio Iridescent Sequin presents a major step for the fashion industry to transition towards the renewable economy, providing a healthier and more environmentally sustainable approach to shimmering colouration whilst not compromising on aesthetics.