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What if Lab: a Covid proof Design Week
Who makes waiting a pleasant experience.


3D viewing room
Imke as queuerator
Pieter Leijten
This project is part of What if Lab: a Covid proof Design Week

During the lockdown, Imke has been researching the new ways of queueing, promoting social affinity in a society that needs physical distancing. With her project Queuerator, she designs new ways of intimacy and communication.

Imke Sloos investigates how we could redesign our waiting time. Her project starts with positioning a queuerator: a person to manage the queue. This “Queuerator” makes sure everyone maintains at a safe distance, whilst also making the waiting time more fun. This way Imke can give more meaning to people's visit and also extract subjective information for the host of the queue.

One of the interventions is the Queuegym, a parcours of activities that makes people experience what distance 1,5m is. We know the distance by measure, but now we can observe and practice this space.

Another intervention is The Waiting Times, the most local newspaper ever, because it is written, produced and to be read while you are waiting! Visitors start to interview each other for columns, gossips start to spread around the queue and everything is to be read in The Waiting Times.