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Happy shopping for everyone
By Studio Carbon

Universal Shopping Basket

This project is part of Happy shopping for everyone

There is a wide range of disabilities, for which you can think of various adjustments to make a retail spaces more accessible. But why not focus on the one object we carry all along while shopping: a basket or trolley? There is still a lot to be gained with this when it comes to user-friendliness.

Shopping baskets are clumsy, especially for someone with a cane or a wheelchair. There is immense opportunity in redesigning them to be universal for a wide group of users, with or without a disability, to make shopping more pleasant. Thus to make retail spaces playfully inclusive we designed a Basket System with a redesigned basket, a wheel frame and a basket rack.

The basket with its light weight and comforting colours is designed to make carrying it around easy. Grooves for grip, a body contour and parallel handlebars make it a better basket for everyone’s use. A soft base allows wheelchair users to comfortably place it on their lap too.

Wheel frame allows users to push their basket around, instead of carrying it on their arms. The basket easily snaps to it and it keeps the basket at waist height. It is especially designed keeping in mind the needs of wheelchair and aged users.

The basket rack instead of hiding in a corner at the entrance, playfully invites visitors to pick “their” colour/shape of basket. Stacks at two heights give easy access to all users. And if you find a fellow user with the same colour of a basket, help each other out and get special rewards on checkout.