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a temperature regulating curtain


Anna Koppmann & Esmée Willemsen
This project is part of Antenna

In the coming years, temperatures will rise worldwide. This means that we rely more and more on cooling equipment in the summer months. In comparison to conventional devices this curtain is a self maintaining cooling/warming system without using electricity.

The curtain is screen printed with phase changing material.
Above 25°C the microencapsulated PCM absorbs heat when it’s changing from a solid to liquid state. When the room temperature drops again the absorbed heat is released.

At the window, the warm air develops first (heating by solar radiation / insulation weak spots). PLUS MINUS 25°C is designed to absorb and release heat when needed. It has a cooling effect in summer because the curtain directly extracts heat from the incoming air. At the same time, it has a warming effect in winter. The curtain absorbs the warmth of the sun and the heater, releasing it to the room during the night. This turns the curtain into a self maintaining cooling/warming system

This curtain can be a solution to support saving energy in buildings - at home, in public spaces and offices. Depending on the setting, the curtain can be customised in size, layers of material, fabric and patterns, to generate the best effect.