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Nuatan tableware

Collection 6/ Nuatan Tableware
Patrícia Kvasňovská
This project is part of (Non)Depleted

The project question the future of foodware for households and takeaways made from completely biobased polymer blends. From limited edition of handcrafted bioplastic kitchenware objects to reusable to-go coffee cups, this project imagine a closed loop system solutions for kitchenware.

Collection 6 is a part of crafting plastics! studio’ new project Nuatan Tableware.

The project offers a closed-loop system solution, a bioplastic alternative to single-use plastic tableware. From reusable to-go coffee cups to a limited edition of handcrafted bioplastic kitchenware objects, the studio aims to question the future of foodware for households and takeaways.

Collection 6 consists of single-piece plates and boards as a result of experimentation with various self-developed techniques for working with biopolymers. Experimenting with different material attributes and the use of mineral or vegetable pigments has led to novel combinations in each piece.

As a part of our research, combining low craft techniques with high-tech machinery, allows to explore the material's potential applications, aesthetic and form and be prepared for integration of circular materials to consumer goods systems and services.

Nuatan is a brand for bioplastics solutions for value added products. By merging circular design approach and material science, we are bringing innovative materials into our day-to-day life. Our solutions are using only biodegradable, biobased and biocompatible material.