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WORTH Partnership Project
A globally sustainable product.


Worth partnership project
This project is part of WORTH Partnership Project

A concept that has started from the essence of basic things.

Ruumy is a concept that has started from the essence of basic things, and studies the functions / verbs of "keeping and harnessing", functions that if interfered with other external elements can be transformed.

Ruumy is a range of modular furniture with a design that can be combined to form room dividers, home decor panels, cabinets or even garments, and allows fast and easy packing.

The design allows the wardrobe to transform into a garment, a bag or home decor. Carefully made of soft material, Ruumy is a modular cabinet in the shape of a puzzle with up to 10 highly functional end uses.
The first aim is to help frequent movers to keep and easily transport some of their furniture.

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WORTH Partnership Project