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Embassy of Mobility
How can mobility systems adapt to changing wishes?

Mobiliteit past zich aan

3D viewing room
Photo by Ishan
This project is part of Embassy of Mobility

With its good infrastructure and reliable public transport, the Dutch mobility system seemed completely in order. Until covid-19 struck, that is. It turns out that the adaptability of the system leaves much to be desired. How should the system adapt to mobility of the people?


The start-up GoinGDutch is taking a fresh look at the system. Why get stuck in traffic jams on the way to work or the airport when you can also cycle? The company offers an e-bike with a special cycling assistant to ensure that you are always on time for your appointment or flight. For example, the bike communicates with traffic lights to ensure that the cyclist is met with green lights along the way.

Arrivals coronaproof buses

Arrival designed an emission-free bus that meets all the new wishes of and travelers. The bus has a zero-touch stop button and removable seats for distance. The cantilever seats and smooth surfaces make the can easier to clean.

Pure Skies offers new flying experience

Design studio PriestmanGoode looked at the aircraft interior with today's knowledge and came up with a new concept. In the Pure Skies project, the designers looked at both practical possibilities to make the interior more hygienic, and the experience of travelers and ways to reassure them.