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Embassy of Mobility
How are the parameters for the new world of mobility changing?

Nieuwe parameters

3D viewing room
Photo by Julie Ann Gylaitis
This project is part of Embassy of Mobility

Up until half a year ago we had no problem imagining ourselves on a crowded train in order to get home more quickly. Today, waiting a bit to get onto a less busy compartment suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. The needs of passengers have changed. This has repercussions for public transport.

IoMob is developing a platform for social distancing, CORE MaaS (Covid Resilient MaaS). The platform includes a social distancing filter, a safety filter and a crowdsourcing tool for occupancy levels. Via an app, travellers can view these new parameters and use them to plan their journey. NS - Dutch railways had also experimented with an occupancy filter before, but with the pandemic, this tool is now becoming a must.

Special walk in Parc de la Distance

The pandemic closed several public places such as parks and beaches. That is why the Austrian design studio Precht came up with a park where social distancing is the starting point. Parc de la Distance is the park for the 1.5 meter society. The walking paths are separated by high, wide hedges, so that walkers can easily keep their distance.

More space and distance in Healthy Streets

Social distancing is a radical measure affecting the whole world. This creates a different need for transport and the use of public space. To give cyclists and walkers more space, the American city of Boston is committed to "healthy streets". The new "healthy streets" guarantees the safety and health of residents.