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Lasting Leather LAB 2020
Sustainable new 'plastic' from leather waste and other bio-waste

Lasting Leather Lab

experiments with leather waste and bio-plastics
Matthijs Labadie
This project is part of Lasting Leather LAB 2020

Leather is a by-product from bio industry. When processed for use in luxury car interiors, 40 per cent of each hide ends up as scraps. Developing "bio" plastics from leather leftovers is a way to address the use of animals as raw materials.

Together with Simone de Waart, Simone Post and Natascha van der Velden, Michelle researched the possibilities for using leather scraps from car manufacturing industry. To let a beautiful natural material with animal origin go to waste, would simply be wrong. In order to use even the smallest scraps, leather can be combined with other organic waste to create bio-composites. Initial results that were presented during DDW 2019 are now being further developed in collaboration with Delft University of Technology and Paques.