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Using Design to Address Barriers to Equitable Maternal Care for Black Women

Birth Reborn

3D viewing room
Kin App: Democratizing the doula experience
Victoria Ayo
This project is part of Antenna

At a time when the maternal mortality rate in the US is soaring, Victoria Ayo's thesis, Birth Reborn aims to give voice and power back to black women and mothers.

This project explores how design can build more awareness, facilitate the integration of ancestral knowledge, leverage the community, and help eliminate barriers to equitable birth outcomes. Victoria proposes new realities for collective care, bringing the wellbeing of mothers out of isolation and into solidarity.There is an opportunity to redefine and reintroduce traditional practices within the landscape of maternal health. The products presented in this work offer explorations into how conventional notions of support and the integration of ancestral knowledge can support thriving pregnancies for women of color and, by extension, all women. In addition to her vast readings, Victoria spoke to over 20 experts that spanned many maternity-related industries, from labor and postpartum doulas, midwives, and OB-GYNs, to artists and designers.