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When fungi meets technology

Fungi Print

Accasia table
Blast Studio
This project is part of (Non)Depleted

Taking inspiration from natural ecosystems, we aim to transform waste from the city into objects and architecture thanks to technology & fungi.

We developed a short cycle where we collect coffee cup waste directly from coffee shops around London and transform them thanks to fungi into art pieces and architecture.

Our pieces are designed by humans, made by robots and taken over by fungi. Mycelium naturally recycles organic water in woods, we make it recycle urban waste in cities. As it degrades the waste, the mycelium transforms it into a biological and living material that we use to make art pieces inspired by shapes of nature. Once printed, our pieces are taken over by the organism which changes their shape and gives them unique unpredictable colors and patterns from white to yellow and brown.

Our pieces are designed to enhance the mycelium growth. They take inspiration from sections of stems and trunks to create micro-climate pockets that capture humidity in the air and protect the organisms during its growth. We like to see how the living mycelium takes over the shapes we conceive digitally and how it contributes in the aesthetic composition of the pieces.