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La Salle de Bain/La Convalescence

The sink, 2019
Tomas Souček
This project is part of (Non)Depleted

I’m attractive and intelligent, and it pleases me that I’m being watched. And if I happen to tell a lie or two from time to time, it’s only so you don’t paint a bad picture of me. Orhan Pamuk: My name is Red

Anna is using junk of the contemporary culture, objects from one euro shops, industrial parts, different pieces of cheap plastic, broken smartphone screens. Those are, however, very laboriously and in a somehow primitive way joint, assembled in new compositions, not unlike 3D mosaics. Their identity is to a certain extent lost, but with a bit of focus it is still recognisable.

Certain concentration, but also distraction, is projected in the way we perceive the work of Anna; how we are getting lost in the details, our sight jumping from one part to another. We may perceive the character of the work and the used materials as a sort of abstraction of contemporary civilisation, its constant short term distraction, lack of concentration, mass quantity but inability to include the whole. There is also something rough and brutal about Anna’s works, in the impudency, rudimentarity of the treatment, that follows the cheapness of the original objects, but almost with a somehow neurotic drive.

Text by Michal Novotný