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What if Lab: a Covid proof Design Week
A personal laser projector to address social distancing.

Social Distance Thing

3D viewing room
Social Distance Thing in action
Bart at Work, 2020 (
This project is part of What if Lab: a Covid proof Design Week

What if... people around you are not maintaining an appropriate distance? And you want address this? The Social Distance Thing raises awareness by projecting a perfect laser circle around you with a 1,5 meter radius. Make one yourself with this Open Design project.

A personal social distancing laser projector

This build is intended as a quick and simple project to help create awareness about social distancing.

When social distancing was first introduced it was clear that not every person practised it properly or even at all. That is a situation that potentially can be endangering to people who are more at risk from the corona virus. To help people visualize and become aware of the importance of social distancing we built the Social Distance Thing.

We encourage you to build your own for the purpose of creating awareness where you live. In our experience it is a fun way to remind people of the importance of social distancing.

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What if Lab: a Covid proof Design Week