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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
#Save Plastics

save plastics

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This project is part of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

We don’t see plastic waste, but a valuable raw material for creating our sustainable products for the outdoor space. This way, we want to positively contribute to the environment and thus leave a better world for the generation to come.

We live in a circular world, where we use what we have, where we import and export less and where we are looking for local solutions for local problems. Live in a world where children don’t have to live on landfills anymore. Where there is no more plastic waste in the nature. Where plastic waste is a valuable raw material. A raw material that can be used for sustainable homes and green garden sheds. Where we can live in peace and harmony with nature.

We don’t see plastic waste, we see the raw material of the 21st Century. A raw material that is perfect for sustainable buildings, where you don’t know where your garden ends and where your house begins. Make plastic waste valuable and together we can create a world without plastic waste.