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Coastal Protection


3D viewing room
Aflot coastal protection system
Xavier Ouellet
This project is part of Antenna

AFLOT is a marine structure that aims to reduce the impact of erosion on coastal communities

The floating structure is fixed to the ground by cables and anchors to reduce the impact of erosion on ecosystems and communities. The arrangement of modules, which remind a little of mangroves roots or even coral reefs, diffuses the current before it hits the shore. It maintains beach accessibility and keeps them in their natural state.

It’s made of aluminum foam, a floating material that makes it possible to reduce the object mass by 80 percent if we compare it to a concrete structure.

The project can be installed in several contexts, alongside roads, villages and close to ports. It can even be used to protect beaches during the beach nourishment process.

The differents parts can be stacked so it optimizes transport. The light structures can then be transported by boat on site and can be relocated after a certain time if necessary.