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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
The circular bicycle from recyclable plastics

DutchFiets circular mobility

3D viewing room
DutchFiets in 'fog white'
This project is part of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

A socially responsible, low-maintenance design bicycle made of recyclable plastic for the circular economy. Originated from technical research with the aim of developing a bicycle that does not end up as waste, DutchFiets bicycles are made of 100 percent recyclable plastic.

DutchFiets is a circular mobility concept that produces bicycles made from 100 percent recyclable plastic. The company originated from technical research, driven by innovation that turns the market upside down. The challenge was clear: make a bicycle that does not end up as waste. The answer turned out to be plastic through many detours. With all its freedom of design, it is a wonderful material to work with and, moreover, to recycle, using fully renewable energy. The concept has been proven with a working prototype, followed by a successful crowdfunding campaign. The highly developed bicycles can now be found throughout the Netherlands and abroad.