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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
Studio AMA for a radically innovative design method. Two social objectives are central to the development of the collection.

TANGO OSCAR PAPA - capsulecollectie

TANGO hemd kleed Studio AMA
Monica Fierlafijn
This project is part of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

On the one hand, Studio AMA wants to reduce the textile waste mountain. We do this by choosing material from a discarded source, in other words circular. On the other hand, Studio AMA is committed to stimulating social employment.

For this collection we choose shirts that are not sold in De Kringwinkel, a form of the so-called post-consumer wash. Whoever donated the shirts wanted them to have a second life. We take care of that. The structure of such a shirt is not an obstacle, on the contrary: we adapt the design process to the possibilities of the material and thus use the full potential of the discarded shirts.
On the other hand, the aim is to employ people who cannot simply enter the regular labor market. For this we can contact the customized company Zonnehoeve vzw in Eke-Nazareth. Within the design process, we develop a production assignment that is suitable for the social partner, so that they can get started.
This is how Studio AMA interprets sustainability: textile design must be ecological and social. Both aspects give us inspiration: by saving fabrics from the waste mountain, we interpret a garment in a radically different way. By working together with social workshops, we devise different technical approaches to create a product. What is feasible for them? That is part of the creative process.