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Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
Biodegradable material out of egg & nut shells.
Getting rid of oil based plastics which never decay and create alternative solution which decompose.

Shell Homage

Pebble hangers out of egg & nutshells biocomposite
This project is part of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

Shell Homage is a biodegradable composite material out of egg and nutshells without toxic chemicals, it is completely biodegradable and can decompose when no longer in use. It can be used in several industries as product design, interior design, consumable goods, fashion industry and jewelry design.

This work resulted from Rania Elkalla master thesis research
project. The created composite material can be pressed, extruded, 3D printed or formed by injection molding.
Unique points about Shell Homage
- Use of a completely disregarded material (e.g. egg and nut shells).
- Produced material can be used in several industries & can be scaled up.
- Aesthetically appealing surfaces which look like marble or natural stones.
- Light weight material.
- Creates an experience that is meaningful and delightful to users.
- Fabricate biodegradable composite without toxic chemicals.
The shells are bonded with organic and biodegradable
substances, which enable to create a mixture, which can be handled through different production techniques.
It is similar to stone or ceramic, can be drilled or sanded or laser cut. Some of the samples are mixed with colors extracted from food ingredients and completely decomposable.
Each piece is handcrafted into unique combination of colors and patterns. It is 100% compostable when it is no longer in use.
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