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(Archive) The Verge

Before you know it there is no turning back.

This project was part of DDW 2021
The City of Sandserre

โ€‹โ€œThe Vergeโ€ is a worldbuilding project where I explored how a fictional culture might cope with climate change and each other when resources become scarce. Through an interactive map the world can be visited and explored through visual storytelling.


The inhabitants of Farallian are struggling with desertification in a far stage. The carefree time in which they lived in prosperity and welfare are now covered under layers of sand. Drinking water keeps getting scarcer while the sea level keeps rising. Some choose to fight to keep their old way of living intact as much as they can, while others try to adapt to the tough circumstances and find new ways of living.

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Inside Sandserre

The City of Misthold

Map of Farallian

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I think this is an option, what do you think?

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