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Dutch Design Awards 2021


Corona-related open and positive poster platform

The Stay Sane Stay Safe Platform — © Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn

Stay Sane, Stay Safe (SSSS) is a Corona-related open and positive poster platform whereby everyone can upload, download, print and share posters. Now with more than 2200 posters by designers from 87 different countries, it has become a melting pot of creative energy.

Nominated for a Dutch Design Award in the category Communication. From the committee:

As soon as the corona crisis inched its toes over the threshold, this initiative was almost instantly up and running. Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn and overdeschreef successfully anticipated what was to come with an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and impressively high quality. Compliments for the diversity and aesthetic quality delivered by the makers and the website. With simplicity, power and humour, Stay Sane, Stay Safe has been able to create an international and unifying snowball effect. An impactful project that shows how valuable the reactive role of designers can be on the zeitgeist.

About Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn

Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn is an ultra-multidisciplinary creative studio, creating big, bold and beautiful things since 2015. Super nice text about who we are and what dazzling projects we undertake and make such as visual identities, campaigns, websites, books, animations, videos, and so on.

Posters inside the Amphia Hospital Breda — © Ruben van Schaik

The Tram Gallery The Hague

SSSS ✕ Graphic Matters part 2 (moving museum)

Amsterdam Bijlmer projection

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