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Dutch Design Awards 2021


A world born in Virtual Reality, continually growing and re-shaping, hosting radical forms of space, time and bodies.

This project was part of DDW 2021

If future humans will ever live in entirely virtual worlds, what would their lives be like? False Mirror is an open and interactive virtual reality project that explores speculative futurism and inhabiting virtual spaces.

Emerging life-forms for future (post-)humans

If future humans (or post-humans) ever live in completely virtual worlds, what would their lives look like? False Mirror is an open-ended, interactive, virtual reality project, which aims to explore speculative futurism and emerging forms of inhabiting virtual space-times, as post-humans.

This ongoing project started in 2017, expanding floor upon floor to create an infinite virtual city. The result is a unique experience that uses speculative design to imagine a possible future that’s continually growing and reshaping itself.

False Mirror is undergoing a radical socio-technological change, through the implementation of new virtual identities, and the creation of a new chapter, 'Eclipse' (2020-21) This extended chapter opens the door to a new form of human cohabitation—one unobtainable in the real world—by erasing the barriers of language, geography, and social hierarchy.

False Mirror - Eclipse results in multiple outcomes : a Performance and a Hybrid Exhibition, where visitors are offered new gateways to observe Eclipse and participate in this social experience.

Hybrid Exhibition

Visitors will choose which entity they want to embody in the virtual world called `False Mirror’: Alless, a being who leans towards order with a tendency to counter his emotions creating spaces and tools or Lena, a fluid form inclined to chaos who controls natural forces and dynamics? These two characters can’t see each other as they move through different levels of consciousness. They can only find traces of each other’s presence, that allow them to decipher the other being’s inner-space.
Visitors can also choose to be Birds, in the exhibition space and online (through, to observe and interact with both Alless and Lena. The Bird view gives users a wider perspective on the reality of False Mirror while allowing them to freely navigate within this world hands-on. Additionally, an Interactive Website, enabling a wider range of audiences to grasp a deeper spectacle to this world.

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Nichon Glerum

Live VR Performance at IDFA Festival 2020

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Dutch Design Awards 2021

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Andere deelnemers

Dutch Design Awards 2021