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Dutch Design Awards 2021


An inspiring investment platform that provides new perspectives on the impact of investments on our planet.


The Swiss private Globalance Bank asked CLEVER°FRANKE to design and develop a unique digital platform that demonstrates the global impact of investments. Globalance World depicts in an accessible way how investments can have a positive influence on the flow of money.

Project background

The way people invest money has a big impact on how the world evolves. So far, making financial profit has been the key incentive for the majority of investors. However, with the increasing urgency of global societal and environmental issues, long-term investments require a completely new perspective, one that helps maintain the world through forward-looking investments.

Globalance Bank responds to this need. They want to increase transparency in the investment world, and help their clients and potential new investors understand the extensive effect of their wealth on the world.

Globalance Bank approached CLEVER°FRANKE to create a solution that will help them communicate this ambition in a clear and distinct way.


We created Globalance World, the first public platform that empowers people to make sustainable investment decisions based on economic, societal, and environmental indicators.

Anyone can dive in and assess in real-time how sustainable and future-fit certain investments are and compare different portfolios with each other. Globalance World is a reference point to search among over 6,000 assets and see how they perform in terms of climate impact, footprint, future-oriented trends, and financial return. All are visualized and communicated through a visual language in a compelling experience, which is distinct from any financial product that has been created so far.

Globalance World is the first ‘Google Earth for Investors’, in which abstract data is presented tangibly and engagingly, resulting in a ground-breaking platform for the financial industry, worldwide. And with this, Globalance World visualizes how we can invest our money to have a positive impact on our globe.


On the one hand, we wanted to create a platform that speaks to the investment world that is focused on detailed stock tickers and technical analyses. On the other hand, we aimed to turn these numbers into an experience for a wider public. Our strategy was to bring these two worlds under one holistic approach.

We used data visualizations and graphs to stay very close to the world of experts and a number-oriented target audience. Using our expertise in design, we ultimately opened up highly complex and detailed data and created a joyful experience for anyone interested to see how investments shape the world.

The 3D globe is the pinnacle of the platform. We took inspiration from The Blue Marble, the picture of Earth taken in 1972 by the Apollo crew, as it is part of our collective memory. It shows the beauty and the vulnerability of our planet. The globe transforms drab and unengaging investment reports into an immersive experience and makes investment impact tangible and relatable.

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