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Dutch Design Awards 2021

(Archive) Serres Séparées

This project was part of DDW 2021
Dining inside the greenhouse. — © Willem Velthoven for Mediamatic Amsterdam

Serres Séparées is a covid-19-inspired extension of the restaurant of art centre Mediamatic. Greenhouses on the waterfront have been transformed into private dining rooms where guest can dine safely and intimately during the pandemic.

Intimate “quarantine” greenhouses

The greenhouses were already part of Mediamatic art centre and previously served as an exhibition space, as a lab to research plants and more. The comfort of the houses has been improved and the entire dinner service was redesigned in order to be contactless, efficient and elegant at the same time.

In the Serres you can dine safely and intimately, while enjoying the pleasure of being amongst others. The experience offers an interesting merging of the public and private and reinterprets the concept of “togetherness” in times of social distancing. With this concept that focusses on what is possible instead of what is not, Mediamatic has led the way for many other restaurants looking for safe and creative ways to run their businesses during the pandemic.

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Dutch Design Awards 2021

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