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The Embassy of Inclusive Society

Warm Welkom

What role do we as Dutch citizens and society as a whole play in welcoming newcomers in the Netherlands?

Warm Welkom - warm bad of koude douche? — © Muzus

Muzus, in collaboration with Vluchtelingenwerk, will initiate a dialogue with DDW visitors about integration and explore opportunities for a hospitable society. What is the role of Dutch citizens in the integration process of newcomers? How do we make integration a reciprocal process?


The new Civic Integration Act will be put in effect on 1 January 2022, giving municipalities more control over the integration of newcomers. In pilots, municipalities are warming up to the desire to build an environment where new citizens can take major steps in their integration process. Unfortunately, until now, the main focus has been on the steps that the person themselves must take, while more and more studies are showing that not just civic integration, but assimilation as a whole is a reciprocal process. This process will only succeed if the receiving society is also involved and engaged. What is the role of the Dutchman in this reciprocal process? What can the Dutch do themselves to support and welcome the person integrating?

Warm Welkom - warm bad?

Warm Welkom - koude douche?