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Moving Light Series

An adaptive, kinetic system that provides light, shade and energy for buildings to help lower operational carbon emissions.

Moving Light Series / No 4 — © Kirsten Hermans

‘Moving Light System’ is an adaptive sun shading device to be used on building facades. It regulates temperatures directly on the building envelope and thereby contributes to the transition towards carbon neutral architecture. Integrated solar cells ensure the energy supply for the system.

Moving Light Series - No 1, 4 & 5

Moving Light System is able to react to external climate conditions by detecting changes in light intensity through integrated sensors. Its kinetic surface produces pre-programmed patterns of opening and closing movement that regulate the amount of sun radiation that is entering a building.

While the transformations of the system are designed to be functional in their climate adaptive capabilities, the design approach seeks to preserve the sensory and atmospheric aspect of natural light as a biophilic design element.

In order to comply with circular design principles, the system is assembled keeping all materials in their homogenous form, including all electrical parts and wiring. In the end-of-life phase all parts can be dismantled and all materials can be returned into their respective material cycle. The design relies heavily on the use of wood for its biodegradable, renewable and carbon storing properties.

A first series of three prototypes have been developed and where launched in July 2021 at Gropius Bau in Berlin. For Dutch Design Week 2021 the studio is showing No 1, 4 and 5 of the Moving Light Series.

About Kirsten Hermans

Studio Kirsten Hermans (Dutch / German) develops adaptive systems and kinetic surfaces that interact with sun light on the building envelope. The aim is to reduce both operational and embodied CO2 emissions and thereby contribute to the transition towards climate neutral architecture.

Moving Light Series / No 4 — © Kirsten Hermans

Moving Light Series No 5 — © Kirsten Hermans

Moving Light - Sliding Haze / No 1 — © Franziska Libuda

Moving Light - Sliding Haze / No 1