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The Embassy of Inclusive Society


Studio Corvers developed new perspectives in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (HWS).

Overview of all modules — © Studio Corvers

About two million people in the Netherlands deal with a visible or invisible disability influencing their (online and offline) shopping experience negatively. Despite some good examples, there is still a long way to go for shops to really become ‘inclusive’.

Drempelloos by Studio Corvers

Wouter and Joost Corvers of Studio Corvers presented the Drempelloos toolkit (translated: Thresholdless toolkit), a practical starting point for an inclusive store. Drempelloos provides employees and retailers with tools to test themselves and their store regarding various criteria relevant in this theme. The toolkit consisting of game and measuring instruments is practical, playful, hands-on and consists out of ten different, separate modules allowing the content to be adapted to any type of store. The goal of Drempelloos is to increase the empathy for people with a disability by experiencing the obstacles themselves.

Minister Tamara van Ark uses Drempelloos

One of the modules van Drempelloos

Overview of all modules

One of the modules van Drempelloos