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Lithe Lab

Functional textiles for everyday life

Medical Aesthetics — © Rens Bok Productions

You are invited to share your opinions about the future of wearables and wearable medical devices. There are a few highlight projects which could inspire you with the possibilities of the future. How would these new technologies be implemented in your everyday life?

Lithe Lab

With Lithe Lab I want to create a more personalised world, where functional and aesthetic needs are taken into consideration while designing wearables. Instead of the “one-look-fits-all” approach they use within medical aids, I use fashion as a tool to help people express their identity and improve their health and wellbeing. I believe that considering medical aids as a part of how people express their identity, and design products accordingly helps to create a more inclusive society. By integrating fashion skills within health and well-being products I strive to make personalising medical aids and using medical garments as an extension of identity possible.

I am also interested in how smart production techniques can help to design more personalized products. Like making digital patterns with dessins integrated for easy production with lasercut and sublimation printing. By integrating technology the wearer's awareness improves of what a garment can do for them.

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About Daisy van Loenhout

Lithe Lab is a research and design consultancy that focuses on personal design and innovative concepts in health care. This is done by combining fashion with medical devices and supportive garments and textiles. The aim of Lithe Lab is to create more options for wearers.

Medical Aesthetics — © Rens Bok Productions

Solar Trenchcoat — © Bianca Gorini

Sustainable care wear

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