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Hacker met Textiel

Lola van Praag combines the manual with the mechanical.

Crevice — © Naomi Jamie

Lola van Praag (1992) is a textile developer, artist and fashion designer. She is inspired by different crafting techniques and works with appliqué, embroidery, digital printing, silkscreen printing and industrial knitting techniques in order to create intricate textile pieces.

Lola van Praag x Textiellab Tilburg

Lola is very curious about different craft techniques and how these can be applied in a contemporary way. An example is her latest collaboration with the Textile Museum where she experimented with the use of multiple yarn types within the production of a single piece.

“ Due to Covid traveling became difficult and in order to escape the city I visited my parents a lot, who live in the flower bulb region. When the tulip season arrived and the promise of the vaccins slowly became a reality I got inspired. I translated my newfound love for the flower bulb region into a series of textiles together with the experts from the TextielLab Tilburg.

Lola used her time at the TextileLab to experiment and to see what the limits are of these industrial machines. And whenever there is a problem, to find solutions by hacking the systems sometimes by hand. Because of her unconventional methods in which the manual and mechanical meet, surprising results are achieved.

The circular knitting is one of Lola’s favorite techniques but being the curious person she is, we can soon expect her to get her hands on other industrial machines as well.

About Lola van Praag

Lola van Praag is an all round creative who works within the fields of textile and fashion.
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