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Interior design

Moon Daisy flower store

Flowerstore — © DSPH

For this interior project we used soft geometrical shapes, bright colors and just a few basic materials to create a light and inviting flower store called Moon Daisy.

From nothing to everything

The building is a former fireworks storage without any daylight. It is a relatively narrow space, measuring 3 meters wide and 16 meters deep. The starting point for this project was all about how to alter all the current - almost unfavorable - characteristics of the storage into a light, inviting & lush flowershop.

The key elements in this project are the 6 meter long brass counter with a matching light object directly above the counter. We used the reflecting properties of the polished brass to optimize the daylight coming in to make sure that the back of the store is highlighted. The objective was to keep the interior simple so the flowers will always stand out.

About Geert Snijders

The work of Geert Snijders is always a spatial translation of an identity or image. But he initiates and gives shape to his own dreams as well. Within the parameters that he gets, or that he creates himself, he creates space that appeals to the imagination. Geert Snijders company specializes in con

Flowerstore — © DSPH

Flowerstore — © DSPH


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