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The Embassy of Health


Tailored daily-life aids, we make them together
Service design by Aurore Brard and Lotte de Haan

Marieke van Gastel en hulphond Bolan — © Brigitte Tops

FysiekFabriek is a service and working method to realise tailor-made aids with and for people with a physical disability. By connecting them locally with care providers and the local creative and manufacturing industry, they work together towards a solution to the challenges they face daily.

What if you don't have access to the tools you need for an independent life?

This is a challenge people with a physical disability face daily!

Designers Aurore Brard and Lotte de Haan acted on this challenge and created a service and working method to realise tailored assisted-living aids in co-creation.

They teamed up with the organisation Fokus, their clients, employees, and the local network, to respond together to the gap in the health aid provision. They have been collaborating for nearly 2 years to found the solid basis for this social scalable innovation.

Now FysiekFabriek realises tailor-made tools by connecting people with a physical disability, care providers and the local creative and making industry. Together they work from an obstacle in the daily life of people with a physical disability to a solution that fits! This turns the immediate request for help into a possibility for participative solution development, grows and strengthens local networks and brings mutual understanding and pleasure to the process.

Meet the participants

In FysiekFabriek 9 tailored assisted living aids have been defeloped by co-creation groups of people with a physical disability, caretakers, and makers. These are successful and tangible outcomes of beautiful collaborations. However, the intangible outcomes of FysiekFabriek are the mindsets that change during the process and the new network which is created is at least as important if not more. Therefore, some of the participants will be present during the exhibition to talk about their experience in FysiekFabriek.
Meet them at the show!

Saturday October 16
11:30 - 13:30 // Marianne Verbruggen // Project: Cookie Machine #2
14:00 - 16:00 // Marieke van Gastel // Project: Cookie Machine #1

Monday October 18
11:30 - 13:30 // Marieke van Gastel, Jelmer van de Koolwijk and Raymond de Bruijn (makers) // Project: Cookie Machine #1

Tuesday October 19
12:00 - 14:00 // Bianca Mastenbroek and Iris Hendriks // Project: Warmth Vest

Thursday October 21
13:30- 15:30 // Han de Laat // Project: Portable Schans (Han's Schans)

Saturday October 23
14:00 - 16:00 // Bianca Mastenbroek // Project Warmth Vest

Sunday 24 October
14:00 - 16:00 // Marianne Verbruggen // Project: cookie machine #2

FysiekFabriek was impossible to do without

For the past two years, the designers Aurore and Lotte have worked together with an incredible group of motivated people (and two dogs). They deserve a special place on this website:

Participants FysiekFabriek 2020
Frank - Challenger, Lucas - Maker, Brigitte - Caregiver, Han - Challenger, Stan - Maker, Tineke - Maker, Bert - Challenger, Kees - Maker, Bert - Challenger, Tineke - Maker, Rob - Maker, André - Maker, Jelmer - Maker, Raymond - Maker, Steffie - Teacher FontysPulsed, Esther - Caregiver, Monique - Caregiver, Isabelle - Caregiver, Martijn - Caregiver, Wout - Maker, Henk - Challenger, Marieke and Bolan - Challenger, Baanbrekers social workplace - Makers

Participants PhysicalFactory 2021
Diana and service dog Osja - Challenger, Edwin & Milou, Tienvierstudio - Makers,Cimmy-Lou - Caregiver, Rob - Challenger, Jelgo - Caregiver, Joris - Maker, Bianca - Challenger, Iris - Caregiver, Kim & Nicola ObjectDensity - Makers, Giada - Workshop and communication assistant, Rens - Open source technician,

Marianne en Rene


Ismail, Rene, Lucette, Sara, Annemarie, Gonnie, Mike, Oscar, Arne, Isabelle

Charlotte and Reitze

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About Lotte de Haan en Aurore Brard

We are Aurore Brard, inclusive designer, and Lotte de Haan, social designer, and we join forces to develop practical working methods together with societal organisations so that they can deal with their challenges in innovative ways.


Han de Laat en Stan Thijssen — © Lotte de Haan

Edwin van Capelleveen en Diana Baerts — © Mariska Laminaud

Designing the service together — © Aurore Brard

Joris Bertrams, Rob Albers en Jelgo Vissers