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Design Intelligence Award

(Archive) Unpluq

The key to take control over your smartphone usage.

This project was part of DDW 2021

With Unpluq, you choose which apps distract you. By removing the physical Unpluq Key from your phone, Unpluq switches to Focus mode. Here, distracting apps will be blocked, along with their notifications. You can access all of your apps by consciously deciding to plug the Unpluq Key into your phone.

Transform your Android phone into a distraction-free device.

Unpluq is distraction-free by default. By removing the Unpluq key from your phone, Unpluq switches to Focus mode, in which distracting apps of your choice will be blocked, and their notifications will be blocked as well.

Unpluqqers save 69 minutes of smartphone screen time a day on average.

Unpluq users save more than an hour of smartphone screen time a day on average. We can measure this number by getting the screen time the week before using Unpluq, and then comparing it a couple weeks into using Unpluq.

Why a physical key?

We found through over 50 interviews and a survey with over 500 people that for most Millennials, the current software solutions that try to solve this problem are too easy to bypass, or are too restrictive.

With the physical key, this is solved, because you have to physically plug in the key to access distracting apps, without a way to bypass this. This gives you the option to create the barrier to distraction yourself: you can decide where to store the Unpluq key when you want to focus. One of our users: "Several times, I caught myself wanting to quickly open a social media app, but the fact that the key was in another room kept me from doing this. Very effective!"

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Focus mode (Unpluq Key plugged in) and Normal mode — © Unpluq

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Design Intelligence Award

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