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(Archive) The Super Tree

Designers make objects to plant trees from the proceeds.

This project was part of DDW 2022
The Super Tree Club — © The Design Pilgrim

The Super Tree Club is a new collaboration of young designers. At Piet Hein Eek they present and sell their new designs related to trees. The proceeds will be used to plant trees. In addition, they show their own collection. Sustainable designs that have been thought through.

The Super Tree Club

The Super Tree Club is launched at Piet Hein Eek. Three young designers work together with The Design Pilgrim Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to planting trees through design and art. From every design sold, new trees will be planted, so pay a visit and take part!
Designers participating are: Iris Lucia, Emma Hoogstede and Fleur Peters.

@irisluciadesign, @emmahoogstede, @fleurpeters

Iris Lucia's designs are 3D sketched in bioplastics. She draws the lines in space with a pen. A futuristic craft in which each object is unique. It literally explores the boundaries of design and raises questions about consumption: How much matter do we need?
For The Super Tree, Iris designed a bird house 3D drawn in bioplastic.

Emma Hoogstede designs and makes the collection in her workshop in the heart of Rotterdam. They are colourful objects in ceramics and silicones. "Life is serious enough, we'd better surround ourselves with playful and multifunctional objects," is Emma's motto.
For The Super Tree, Emma designed green totems that can are used as candle-holder.

Fleur is fascinated by the effect and reflection of light. She makes interior objects from coloured glass. In her designs, she uses residual materials, recycled glass and found objects. She combines craftsmanship with innovative techniques to create new forms.
For The Super Tree, Fleur used leftover glass to make colourful spoons.

The Design Pilgrim

A clothes peg, ball of wool or wooden spoon get a second life as a tree. Over 150 trees form a small and special forest. All proceeds will be used to plant many more trees later. Design and art stimulate the imagination. And that's something we can really use in the face of climate change!
The Design Pilgrim wrote the book Nature Notes. It gives a surprising inside into what grows and blossoms.

The Super Tree Club — © The Design Pilgrim

The Super Tree Club — © The Design Pilgrim

The Super Tree Club — © The Design Pilgrim

The Super Tree Club