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(Archive) Re-Editions

Wall lamps with recycled materials by 6 Dutch design studios. The lamps will be presented combined with the work by Pepe Valenti.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Re-Editions wall lamp & Pepe Valenti chair — © Pepe Valenti & Wisse Trooster

Wisse invited 5 other Dutch design studios to create the Re-Editions collection. Each studio designed a front for the wall lamp in their signature style using recycled materials. The bold lights are presented in a setting with The Shape of Glass collection by Design Academy graduate Pepe Valenti.

Re-Editions wall lamp collection

At Messmerizing at Central Station Trooster will present the Re-Editions wall lamps by: Sandra Keja Planken, White Noise Dada, Teun Zwets and his own edition. The Wall lamps by Studio CTT and Studio Mo Man Tai will be presented at Isola Design Gallery at Pennings Gallery.

A collection of large sustainable wall lamps, bringing together six Dutch design studios. The wall lamps are unique collectible design items balancing on the border between art and design, and all show the signature design style of each designer. Besides their dimensions, they have another thing in common; they consist of reclaimed or waste materials.

Dutch designer and design scout Wisse Trooster commissioned the works that are all based on the same framework and idea. Each designer equipped an aluminum base structure with their custom-designed front panel. The six editions of the collection are made with re-used, re-cycled, or re-purposed materials and are equipped with a full-color LED light source.

The Shape Of Glass collection

The Shape of Glass collection by Pepe Valenti, 2022 Design Academy Eindhoven graduate.

“Through out this project I explored and challenged the boundaries of glass slumping. Glass slumping is a technique in which glass objects are made in a kiln by means of shaping the glass over molds through firing them at high temperatures.

In this project the molds are made from ceramics and by adjusting the form and manipulating the size, the functional aspect of the mold is removed and is transformed, becoming part of the end product.

After the glass has taken its shape, it is turned around in different ways and later on assembled with the ceramics to create a functional piece. This collection of domestic products has been approached from a very materialistic and technical point of view, which showcases the beauty and the potential of both, individually and combined.” Studio Pepe Valenti


Re-Editions Wisse Trooster edition — © Photography Muk van Lil styling Kamer 465

Pepe Valenti, The Shape of Glass collection — © Pepe Valenti

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