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(Archive) The Reef Series

Knitted shelves and sculptural vessels inspired by coral reefs

This project was part of DDW 2022
Selection of Shelves — © Sarah Roseman

By using textile as a dynamic building material, Sarah Roseman transforms knitted rope into a unique series of interior pieces. The underwater inspired work create an inviting atmosphere through their brightly coloured fuzzy flocked coating.

The Reef Series comes alive through a unique production process.

The reef shelf series combines an innovative exploration of textile materiality with a refreshing colour scheme and warm tactility. The unique knitting and casting process brings the pieces to life, evocative of coral reefs and underwater life. Due to the movement of the textile during the casting process, each shelf flows in a unique way. The flocked nylon coating provides acoustic dampening properties, allowing the shelves to function as acoustic panels. The series exists in the space between creature and object, similar to how sea corals and anemones occupy the mystical space between plant and animal. With their flocked surface finish and linear form language they combine the aesthetics of digital texturing with handmade craft.

Palmata Shelf — © Sarah Roseman

Anemone Vessel Detail — © Sarah Roseman

Anemone Vessel Small — © Sarah Roseman

Gorgona Shelf with Small Sun Coral Vessels

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