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(Archive) MESSMERIZING by Whoppah

Some things might not be what they seem at first glance... Step into a magical world of MESSMERIZING design treasures. Discover and get inspired.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Whoppah logo — © Whoppah

With Whoppah Wonderland we want to show everyone how MESSMERIZING pre-loved design can be. Tickle your senses with magical colors, surprising shapes and top notch quality. Step into our wonderland.

Step into our wonderland

In our Whoppah Wonderland we want to show unique items arranged in a fantasy filled composition, some things might not be what they seem. Who would have thought pre-loved design could look like this? Our curation experts have selected these item to showcase a the beauty of pre-loved design in a creative installation to inspire you.

A platform for unique and first-class design and art.

Discover with Whoppah: The most beautiful things on earth in Whoppah Wonderland. Shop design, fine art and vintage from top designers and artists around the world. Where present and past meet in MESSMERIZING.

Visit to find countless of unique and high-end design and art pieces. Whoppah is a place where you can offer your own unique items to our huge following of design lovers. Each item tells a story, and the story goes on to the next adventure.

Blue composition — © Whoppah

Pink composition — © Whoppah

Green composition — © Whoppah

Yellow composition

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