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Radical Enough?

(Archive) Earthstone

Bringing raw earth furniture at home

This project was part of DDW 2022

Our products are made from an environmentally friendly mineral binder and raw earth from local excavation sites. Through a compression process, we produce lightweight, strong and durable indoor objects in series

Earthstone (@earthstone.project)

A low environmental impact production.

We are in an era where we need to reduce our environmental impact, especially through the consumption of objects.

This project proposes an innovative process of industrial production from reused local materials, rarely exploited for the manufacture of objects.

The recipe used is the result of several years of development around the science of mineral polymers, allowing the solidification of earth without cooking it.

Our research is materialised here in the form of a stool that is easy to mass-produce, looks like stone, and is very easy to recycle because it returns to its natural form if immersed in water.

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Radical Enough?

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Andere deelnemers

Radical Enough?