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Class of 22

(Archive) Graduates of Master Industrial Design and INSIDE

Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

This project was part of DDW 2022
Exhibition at the Klokgebouw — © Stefan Lang

In this collective exhibition, four recent graduates from the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) and the Master Industrial Design (MID) of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague present their individual works.

The Master Programmes of the Graduates

At INSIDE, the students work around the notion that the intrinsic expertise of the interior architect lies in the relationship that people, as users, have with their immediate living environment. In this relationship, a number of values, such as sustainability and the concept of inclusiveness, have become more prominent.
At MID, the belief is that the field of industrial design encloses the possibility to shape the world.
The industrial system is usually approached in terms of efficiency and profit, excluding essential aspects such as well-being, equality, diversity and ecological health. By questioning and redesigning the conventions in the industrial system, designers can contribute to a sustainable, meaningful and inclusive world.

About the Projects

The projects presented here range from the topic of cooperating and working with asylum seekers in the Netherlands to give them the spatial agency to be hosts in a hosting country (Ilaria Palmieri), to turning public spaces into stages of experience and encounter (Malte Leon Sonnenschein), and from discovering new ways of relating and looking at nature (Nina Škerjanc), to direct uses of waste with digital tools to create circularity in otherwise often linear waste streams (Stefan Lang).

More information about their work can be found on the following websites:
[Ilaria Palmieri]
[Malte Leon Sonnenschein]
[Nina Škerjanc]
[Stefan Lang]

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No Purpose City — © Giulia Menicucci

Unlearning Botanical Narratives — © Nina Škerjanc

Computation and Waste — © Giulia Menicucci

To be a host in a hosting country

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Class of 22

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Andere deelnemers

Class of 22