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Re:sourcing clay

(Archive) Dutch Skies

Lab AIR explores the age-old craft of faience with a contemporary raw material; air pollution particulates.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Smogware tiles — © Lab AIR

Depicting Dutch skies, the designers draw attention to the urgent message about air quality.
With the same goal, the designers have already developed a porcelain tableware glazed with particulates from various world cities.

Design-research and tradition

With Royal Tichelaar, design and tradition are united in the creation of a new series of tiles.

The most traditional tile, the Makkumer white, was chosen as their starting point. This 13 x 13 cm tile has been produced by Royal Tichelaar with their local clay for over 450 years. Over a white tin-glazed body the master painters put their well-known blue scenes, made with cobalt oxide.
In this research this process is studied with alternative resources.

pollution particulates — © Lab AIR

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Re:sourcing clay

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Andere deelnemers

Re:sourcing clay