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Re:sourcing clay

Dutch Skies

Lab AIR explores the age-old craft of faience with a contemporary raw material; air pollution particulates.

Smogware tiles — © Lab AIR

Depicting Dutch skies, the designers draw attention to the urgent message about air quality.
With the same goal, the designers have already developed a porcelain tableware glazed with particulates from various world cities.

Design-research and tradition

With Royal Tichelaar, design and tradition are united in the creation of a new series of tiles.

The most traditional tile, the Makkumer white, was chosen as their starting point. This 13 x 13 cm tile has been produced by Royal Tichelaar with their local clay for over 450 years. Over a white tin-glazed body the master painters put their well-known blue scenes, made with cobalt oxide.
In this research this process is studied with alternative resources.

About Iris de Kievith

Designstudio Lab AIR is initiated by Annemarie Piscaer and Iris de Kievith, to raise awareness and understanding of air pollution by making invisible elements visual and relatable.
pollution particulates — © Lab AIR