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Class of 22

(Archive) Maastricht Institute of Arts / Design Graduates

3 alumni whose work is meaningful & personal, but also relevant to today's society. They think with their hands & and play with their imagination.

This project was part of DDW 2022
ADORNING ENTITIES/Kortenbusch / PLAYHOOD/Klaassen — © @danielapetrovic_ (left) @photo.bymarj (right)

Members of the younger generation are confronted with problems that require a huge degree of adaptability. The trick is to keep a cool head in a heated world. These three students show the importance of clear communication, and the need for having fun, relaxation, and rest in these hectic times.

Maureen Kortenbusch / ADORNING ENTITIES

Maureen is fascinated by the term animism and can see the living soul in seemingly lifeless matter.
The objects she has found became a collection, the collection became a book, and then an archive. An extremely personal project unfolds through a series of enchanting objects made of coloured glass. Maureen lovingly creates a family and carefully documents each of their character traits and personalities. In the same way as an anthropologist, she studies an imaginary world that you are completely drawn into as an observer. She uses poetic descriptions, sophisticated drawings, observations, and beautifully decorated fabrics to create a colourful habitat. Maureen creates an appealing world where you can get lost in thought and recharge your battery. As a designer, she listens to the materials and starts a conversation with them. She intuitively allows the shape to grow. She senses what the creation requires, and in which environment it will thrive. Are they items of jewellery or objects? The creature will tell you this all by itself, if you are open to that. Experience the power of the imagination and amazement!

Juul Hagemeier / CALMNESS IN CHAOS

How can you offer people harmony and peace in stressful times? Juul has developed 4 very aesthetic objects using ingenious technology. The motion of these objects acts as the focus. Magical processes take place right in front of our eyes. In a bowl, liquid swirls around to create fascinating patterns, a ball floats above a wooden benchtop, in a tube we see waves repeatedly breaking, and a spiral pattern is formed in the sand. These objects attract us and allow us to get lost in thought. Like no one else, she captures the zeitgeist and criticizes the pressures of our rapidly digitalized society, which is digitalizing further at an increasing pace.
Juul has experienced the power of meditation and wants to give people the opportunity to create a new ritual involving her objects — a moment to reflect, to take a break, to just do nothing. From her research, she is showing how valuable this is for our minds — we become more productive & creative. Besides the use value, her work is also of a high standard in terms of design. The materials and finishing have been chosen with great precision. She goes to extremes to give them all a light and modern feel by using abstractand simple imagery.

Floor Klaassen / PLAYHOOD

The Playhood collection questions current society and engages in a dialogue with the observer. Do you play enough?
The older we get, the more our sense of fun fades, and life becomes a lot more serious. Many perceive playing as something only done by children. Being an adult brings more responsibility and playing seems like a waste of time in a world where performance at work, and income become increasingly more important.
However, playing is actually an important way to deal with negative events & setbacks. It boosts our mental health and helps us connect. Playing is universal, everyone can participate, it is not linked to religion or social class.
Multimedia designer, Klaassen, has been bold enough to create a collection of garments, accessories, and objects that reflect this idea. Play keeps the brain flexible & allows us to be better equipped at adapting to an ever faster, changing world. Floor shows us that a playful culture is not a luxury, but a way to survive. She is holding up a mirror, a distorting one, in front of us, to highlight the necessity of being more playful in all aspects of our lives, not just at a festival or on the football pitch. Don’t grow up: it’s a trap!

CALMNESS IN CHAOS / Juul Hagemeier — © @renskerietrae

PLAYHOOD / Floor Klaassen — © @photo.bymarj

Maureen Kortenbusch / ADORNING ENTITIES

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Class of 22

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Andere deelnemers

Class of 22