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(Archive) Messmerizing x Studio FlolO ~ chaOrde Reflect

chaOrder; the dance of the opposite poles merge into unity. Within the physical world and the world transitioning into consciousness.

This project was part of DDW 2022
chaOrde Reflect x Messmerizing

A discovery in consciousness; in search of chaOrder. The object is an introduction in the most physical form. How we perceive the world in an orderly way, the reflections of the poles dance in chaos, playing and distorting the world around them, transforming into authentic deformations.


chaOrder Reflect is a fragmentation of a journey of discovery in consciousness in search of chaOrder; an introduction from the most physical form.

ChaOrder brings the magic and creates a dance that fuses the extreme poles of the chaOs and the Order into a unity. Which, together with my poem, leaves behind an experience that makes you stand still in peace; let your own authentic perspective float to the surface.

chaOrder is a miracle that has been formed in recent years; a collaboration between chaos and order, the search for balance and unity. Something that encompassed almost all the wonders discovered and gave expression to many creations such as the emotion tree that creates consciousness (Order) in the emotions (chaOs). A journey of discovery that has taken shape in recent years and will be expressed even more in the coming years from different fragmentations. With the intention of making this world of consciousness and polarity and balance visible, fun and accessible to develop tools and inspiration for everyone's own journey of discovery :)

Intention chaOrde Reflect

The intention of chaOrder Reflect is to leave an experience with the viewer in order to give a piece of self-awareness about the major themes in the experience of chaOs, Order and chaOrder, together with the physical object. In order to give recognition in the world around you and to get a relationship with the object, after which the experience of chaOrder is deeper and easier to approach. The combination of the physical and a experience in consciousness gives a magical experience where the world you look at merges with the experience.

Eyes on the future

There are a lot of dreams for the future of chaOrder Reflect. In the coming two years I would love to travel with chaOrder Reflect, so I can share it with the world, along with that piece of conscious awareness. I would love to do so at expositions, festivals and also in more public spaces, such as in parks.  

Another dream for the future is a research about the ‘peoples perspectives’, an research into the ways that different people experience chaOs, Order and chaOrder. I believe in the existence of a universal core of truthful knowledge, and hope to one day be able to bring that core to the surface! The gathered experiences and perspectives from people of all places I would love to bundle into a book, so that I can share these with the world. And use this information to create new work :)

In addition, I have performed meditations by the side of the object, in hopes of getting deeper into a persons personal core. In the future, I would love to repeat these meditations, possible in collaboration with people who have experience in this field, and in doing so, creating an even deeper, more profound experience together with the object.  

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chaOrde Reflect bigger version with poem :)

chaOrde Reflect bigger version

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